One Florida city is using a person required to register as a sex offender as mud to sling in a City Commission race. Gladys Mezrahi and Rachel Saltzman Friedland, who are both running for Aventura City Commission, are using a 2018 effort to force a registrant out of the condo community where both candidates live, each arguing that they did more than the other to kick the man out.

This is hardly uncommon. Last month, in California, Legislation that intended to eliminate anti-LGBTQ inequality in sex offender registration requirements (SB-145) was spun by the sponsor’s opponent as “promoting pedophilia” and at the center of a New Jersey congressional race, one candidates tenure as an official at Human Rights Watch (which opposes the registry) is leading to him being accused of “helping sexual predators hide in the shadows” and “choose[ing] sex offenders over your family.”
When politicians start using “sex offender stigma” as ammunition in political battles, perhaps it’s time they informed themselves if they truly want to position themselves as caring about public safety. Sad!

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