The comments on a Go Fund Me page tell a completely different story about a man than the article in the Miami Herald.

Clarence Collins had worked as a Janitor at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors, Florida, an LGBTQ community center that has been around for 25 years, this year. Clarence had worked for them for fifteen of those years.

The Herald story paints a picture of the center “hiding a dark secret”, their janitor was a registered sexual predator for a crime that took place 21 years ago. But, in reality, the CEO knew of Collins’ past and even confirmed with probation that it would be OK with him to work there. Only after a parent found out about the janitor’s past did the center fire him.

The Go Fund Me page tells a completely different story. One of a beloved longtime employee (a good employee, at that) who was giving back to the community. One who is now jobless and homeless. How often do you see anyone rallying around a fired janitor? Let alone one with a criminal past? It’s clearly a testament to the character of the man today.

It makes you wonder exactly how much repentance will ever satisfy the public, where a man can’t keep his job as a janitor in a community center that preaches inclusiveness and tolerance.


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