Opponents say the bill, rushed to the floor without a hearing, would dangerously expand what’s considered an “aggravated offense.”

Republicans in the House passed a bill this morning that would reclassify dozens of federal crimes as “crimes of violence,” making them deportable offenses under immigration law. Criminal justice advocacy groups say the bill, rushed to the floor without a single hearing, is unnecessary, is overbroad, and will intensify the problem of overcriminalization.

The Community Safety and Security Act of 2018, H.R. 6691, passed the House by a largely party-line vote of 247–152. Among the crimes that it would make violent offenses are burglary, fleeing, and coercion through fraud.

…Democrats and criminal justice groups also objected to the speed at which the bill sailed to the House floor. It was introduced just a week ago and did not have a single hearing or markup prior to today’s vote.



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