Reentry task forces for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties submitted a Report and Recommendation to all Florida Senators and Representatives, urging them to create a law that would preempt the patchwork of municipal sex offender residency restrictions that create a homeless problem in Southeast Florida.

While Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach have 28% of the State of Florida’s registrant population, they have more than half the homeless registrants in the state.

In Miami-Dade 27.2% of the registered population is homeless, in Broward 28% are homeless. 13% of the registrant population in Palm Beach are homeless, but that number has increased by more than 12% in two years. The task forces point to municipal residency restrictions that more than double the State’s exclusion zone as the cause. The task forces, which have studied the problem for years, also pointed out in their report the fact that residency restrictions are not effective.

A copy of the report can be seen here: Tri-County Report and Recommendations – September 2020

We urge you to share the report with your representative and encourage them to follow the recommendations.

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