Father on Sex Offender Registry Barred from Son’s Hospital

A member contacted us this week. He’s on the registry for an offense that took place over 15 years ago. He brought his son to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando for surgery and was denied access at the door because of his status on the registry.

These policies that prevent former offenders from ever parenting their children are ridiculous!

When someone looks back on their childhood and reflects on the meaningful events when a parent was there for them, they think of sporting events, graduations, illnesses. Laws that banish parents from these events not only do nothing to keep children safe, but deprive their own children of a parent.

Laws which keep individuals from schools, athletic events, even hospitals, when they have no legitimate reasons to be there are understandable. But if someone is at a hospital to stand by his child, who is going into surgery, keeping them away is inhumane!

If anyone is concerned about this policy and would like to submit their concern to Nemours, you can do so here: https://nemours.alertline.com/gcs/welcome


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