You are required, under both Florida and federal law (International Megan’s Law) to report international travel 21 DAYS IN ADVANCE.

XXXXXXX,45, of Perry failed to report he was on the cruise ship “Carnival Paradise” on December 12, 2019, for a four-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. When the ship returned to Tampa, Florida on December 16, Customs and Border Protection boarded the ship and placed XXXXX under arrest.

 “The United States Marshals Service has prioritized investigations of registered sex offenders who travel between states, or internationally, and fail to notify authorities as required by law. Our district, working with our local and state partners, has dedicated men and women that focus their investigative expertise to locate, apprehend, and prosecute non-compliant sex offenders.” stated U.S. Marshal John Cary Bittick
This man’s conviction was in 2004, more than a dozen years before International Megan’s Law went into effect. Even though his offense pre-dates the law and the federal government provided ZERO notification to those on the registry of the enactment of IML, he’s going to spend the next 20 months in prison because of this.

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