We received the following from a member in Hillsborough over the weekend:

I just want to inform you of a scam I experienced tonight.
I received a call from a man claiming to be a Hillsborough county detective. He told me that the state changed the classification of sex offenders. He said this just changed in the last 48 to 72 hours. He also said that I should have received a certified letter this past Tuesday notifying that I needed to report that day. It didn’t make sense because that letter he referred to would have come prior to the changed time frame he stated.
He then proceeded to tell me I needed to meet him to register. I asked if I was meeting him at the registration office and he was not clear with his answer. He just said I would have to be on a mobile call and stay on the phone while he told me what to do. So I headed out in my car and he proceeded to tell me that the judge set a bond and that they didn’t take credit or debit cards. As soon as cash came into play I hung up and went home. I called Hillsborough county sheriffs office and they confirmed it was a scam. The number that called me was 813-600-3512. Please be aware.

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