That’s a quote from Lobbyist and Chair of the Miami-Dade “Homeless Trust”, Ron Book. “No one who has served our country should be forced to sleep on the streets.”

Or how about this one from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart; “I congratulate Miami-Dade County on this immense achievement and am proud to join them to recognize veteran homelessness reaching functional zero.”

That would be a great sentiment if they were at all close to true or if Book didn’t qualify his position with, ‘unless they are a person required to register as a sex offender.’

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) head, Ben Carson, visited Miami-Dade County last week, where Book and Diaz-Balart patted each other on the back congratulating themselves on the wonderful job they have done to totally eliminate homelessness among veterans.

Yeah right! Perhaps Dr. Carson should try visiting the encampments of homeless sex offenders, where hundreds of individuals are forced to sleep in the streets. He will find many veterans there!

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