It’s that time of year again. The time when new bills start being introduced this legislative session. One of the first to come up on our radar is SB 512, which is a resurfacing of a failed bill from last year, the crux of it’s impact on our population would be that it would require a “Vacation Rental” to be registered as a Temporary Residence, but then defines that vacation rental as a place where a person “lodges for 24 hours or more”!

There was once a time when you can take a 14 day vacation and not have to register. Then it became 5 days. Then it became 3, and now, if this bill passes, we’re down to 24 hours.

We’ve seen similar vacation rental bills come and fail over the past few years, so we hope this one will see the same fate, still, while it’s hanging out there it’s a concern.

This bill was introduced a couple days ago and can be tracked here:

Thanks to Jerry from our Legislative Committee for being our eyes and ears.

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