If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s office telling you that there’s a warrant out for you and you can avoid arrest buy showing up somewhere or paying a sum of money, you should hang up, call the police and INSIST on filing a police report.

No matter how much we warn of this, we continue to receive information from members who were scammed out of thousands of dollars.

We understand that the caller sounds authentic and they might even spoof the actual sheriff’s office number as the caller ID, but we assure you that if there’s a warrant for your arrest, the police will not call to inform you about it or take money to resolve it. You will be robbed!

We all know how confusing the requirements are and how stressful it is always worrying that you unknowingly failed to follow one of the new or vague laws, but at this point this scam is becoming so widespread that police departments across the country are warning of it.

If you are targeted, call the real police and INSIST on filing a police report. If they refuse to take a report, let us know.



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