Even a blind person could see this one coming…

One month after a Plantation, Florida man was arrested for trying to extort Senator Lauren Book by threatening to post nude pictures and videos of her that were illegally obtained if she did not pay him, the Senator introduced a bill to make the offense subject to harsher criminal and even civil penalties. SB 1798 was introduced by Senator Book this week. The bill creates Florida Statute 784.0491, which would be titled “Unlawful dissemination of sexually explicit material depicting an individual.”

Included in the bill is a redefinition of the term “Child Pornography” to include digitized depiction of minors. For example, an image that is not an actual child, but a digitally created image. The bill also redefines “Sexually explicit image” to mean any image depicting nudity.  

The general concept of this Bill is something we can get behind. Someone should not illegally obtain images of another person and then try to sell or distribute them without the person’s consent. The only concern could be a broad interpretation of the redefined terms. For example, we can foresee a “but officer, the cartoon looked 18” situation or one where parents exchange bathtime pictures of their children and, according to the letter of the law, they have distributed CP.

The catalyst for this bill is still playing out in the courts, as the defendant is facing charges in Broward County. It is unclear how the nude photos and videos of Lauren Book that were intended for her close friend were intercepted by the individual.

A copy of the bill can be seen here: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/1798/BillText/Filed/PDF


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