DALLAS – For the first time ever, sex offenders gathered at their annual conference in Texas have allowed cameras inside to get a look at the event.

Approximately 100 registered sex offenders from across the country gathered this week at their conference at Magnolia Hotel in Dallas, CBS Dallas station KTVT reports.

This year, with the cameras inside, organizers warned attendees news cameras might be there. They say they want people to know they’re advocating for change. One of those advocating is a registered sex offender from Florida.

17 years after his arrest for trying to meet up with a fictitious 14 year old, this sex offender said he still can’t shake his past.

“I’ve been interviewed for many, many, many jobs for my professional skills and when you disclose that part, you just never get a phone call again,” he said.


CBS Dallas station KTVT interviews a registered sex offender from Florida.

CBS Dallas station KTVT

A website for the event even provides contact information for the Dallas Police Department so those who need to check in can meet their registration requirements. KTVT reports that advocates argue residency restrictions and other mandates on sex offenders are not effective.

“The majority of children who are abused are abused in their homes, or abused by someone known to their family. They’re not abused in playgrounds, parks, and school bus stops,” said advocate, Gail Colleta.

KTVT Dallas/Fort Worth



Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sex-offenders-gather-at-annual-conference-in-texas/

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