Well this is horrible… a man convicted of a sexual offense in 2007 turned his life around and started a janitorial business. He gets a contract providing janitorial services for the VA. USA today writes a story about it and the VA cancels the contract. Here we have someone who has tried to turn his life around (and seemingly was successful in doing so) gets re-punished for something he did more than a decade ago. He and the many people who work for him are fired and the agency doing the firing is the VA, who is supposed to help veterans (the man served 8 years in the Army)!

The story is offensive because it illustrates: (a) how people on the registry are barred from career opportunities everywhere, including as janitors, (b) how the label undermines rehabilitation by permanently destabilizing people, (c) how the VA can easily discard a sub-class of persons it’s supposed to be helping, and (d) how the label not only stigmatizes the registrant but anyone who chooses to give them a chance and do business with them.

You can read the full story here.

UPDATED: I’VE UPDATED THIS POST WITH A MORE IMPORTANT READ FROM GH-S. PLEASE READ THIS: https://littlereddots.substack.com/p/good-morning-i-am-full-of-rage

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