If you had the opportunity to view the “Untouchable” documentary, you will recognize that Shawna Baldwin is the young woman featured in the film.  Shawna was the guest speaker on the July Monthly Membership call where she shared her story, her courage to be heard, and her decision to let her voice make a difference.  She also offered suggestions for others who want to be a voice for change, whether it is just on a personal level within yourself, or on a much larger public stage. To listen to the full interview click here,; Shawna starts at 03:00.

In 2003, at the age of 20, Shawna was charged and convicted of a sexual offense that would forever change her life.

In 2015, Shawna took a bold move and participated in an award-winning documentary, “Untouchable”. She was one of the first people required to register to show her life, with her family, in a very public way.  Her courage has inspired others to find their own voices.

In 2017, Shawna was released from lifetime probation by the Supreme Court of Maricopa county, giving her the freedom she needed to further strengthen her voice. You can find interviews and videos from NBC Dateline and the Marshall Project featuring Shawna.

In 2018, she worked for a non-profit organization “The Bail Project” which bailed many women from jail, free of charge, and assisted them with multiple services including transportation for court appearances. It aired on NBC Dateline in Oct 2018.

This year, Shawna’s voice is being heard at conferences and Lawyer conventions speaking out for a more rational, logical approach to criminal justice. Instead of a system focused on punishment, she advocates for one focused on restoration.  Shawna will also be speaking at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on July 20th.

Shawna has recently launched a Youtube channel “Shawna Baldwin”.  While she is developing the content, it is intended to be an ‘open heart’ discussion of recognizing our human qualities, and the importance of loving ourselves. She shares her personal stories of abuse, healing, and the registry to help others who are going through the same experiences to know they are not alone and they can heal.

Shawna is now 36 and a mother of 3 beautiful, intelligent children and married to an extremely supportive husband. She returned to live in Arizona after she was released from lifetime probation to use her voice in the crusade to change policies surrounding this extremely complex, and misunderstood issue for those who committed a sexual offense and are required to register.

Empowered through her personal experience and connections to others, Shawna carries the message for evidence based criminal justice reform. She believes using one’s voice is empowering when using it to educate others. Her focus is to encourage others to exercise their First Amendment right, by telling their own stories and to fight for change

We look forward to more conversations with Shawna as we continue to support her on her journey.


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