We want the public and our policy makers to be informed of the research to make the most effective decisions possible.

Equally as important is the individual story.  Sometimes these stories can bring about results that no amount of sharing research can.  One such case recently occurred in Volusia County at a regular council meeting.

One council member continues to push for the drafting of an ordinance that would increase the residency restriction in the unincorporated parts of Volusia County from the state’s 1000 feet to 1500 feet.  Not only would the 1500 feet apply to the areas listed in state statute, but this particular councilman was recently interviewed by FOX 35 in Orlando saying that he is considering including bus stops.

It is not only what this registered citizen had to say but his whole demeanor.  You can see him sitting front and center after he spoke.  He, in a polite and respectful manner, let the council members know that he will be frequenting their meetings – he will not be quietly disappearing and allowing business-as-usual at the Volusia council meetings.

The Volusia County registered citizen begins speaking at 27:15 in the video.

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