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Bruce Cameron, a sex offender treatment provider, says some registered persons have told him that doing prison was easy, but being on the registry is a life sentence.  He is in favor of deregulating registered persons who are low risk.  That way resources for law enforcement could be freed up to monitor only those who truly belong on the list.  This is what would help to keep the communities safer.

Unfortunately, the sheriff interviewed is skeptical of a registrant’s ability to change.  I have thousands of people forced to register in Florida that I would like for him to meet, many with an offense that was years/decades ago.

The sheriff is concerned with the underreporting of sex crimes.  There is some research showing that is true in some cases (but not all) before the arrest, but after the sentence is completed, I can find no such research.  As always, the sheriff offered no research to back up his statements.  

Reporter Mariah Medina was fair in her representation of both sides of this issue.

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