Stephanie is a hero. Stephanie is the Plaintiff in the Ex Post Facto Plus II lawsuit.

Stephanie is her real name. It’s not “Jane Doe” or some other pseudonym used in this post to protect her anonymity, because she can’t. She is forced to bear the stress of proceeding as the plaintiff without the right to anonymity, on top of working two jobs to support her three kids and still having the strength and fortitude to stand up and represent all of us.

It cannot be easy. It’s hard enough to be a single mom. On top of that, the work she does to support her family… then, on top of that the extraordinary role she has taken on to represent all of us in a federal lawsuit! She is truly a hero!

Stephanie struggles but asks for nothing. She could use a little support and encouragement and we want to give it to her, so we are asking those who can and want to do something kind for someone who is helping all of us, to please send Stephanie a thank you note or a small gift card so she can buy groceries for her children, or even just an encouraging letter of support. You can send it c/o Florida Action Committee, 6615 W Boynton Beach Blvd #414, Boynton Beach, FL 33437 and we will make sure she gets it.

We want her to know that she is so appreciated and supported.

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