As evidence continues to mount on the failure of state sex offense registries, Louisiana continues to be in the news as its leaders are only seeing an increase in the amount of sex crimes committed against children.

According to WAFB9 in Louisiana, “…one investigator (from the Attorney General’s office) described the fight (against sex crimes) as ‘a war the state is losing.’  There are so many cases, it’s a tidal wave of tragedy.”  THE REGISTRY IS FAILING THE STATE OF LOUISIANA!

In a recent Chicago Sun Times article, the Chicago registry is also failing while law enforcement “is wrestling with big concerns over public safety and how to use its limited resources to fight violence…Some victim advocates argue that increasing the number of police working on registries is a distraction from more important work.”  THE REGISTRY IS FAILING CHICAGO!

In Florida, where registration is for life, our registry is only growing.  Our state is ripe for explosive issues to occur that could drastically change our registry as we know it today, if not bring it down completely.  THE REGISTRY IS FAILING FLORIDA!

After decades, why hasn’t the registry helped to reduce sex crimes against children?  Because almost all sex crimes are committed by people not on the registry.

Then what is the answer?  Abolish the registry and focus on prevention.

Even Louisiana state Senator Barrow, the author of the medieval bill proposing castration, is now saying we need to take a more proactive approach, such as educating parents and kids.

Thanks to the help of some of our members, 10 mail-outs have been sent through the U. S. Mail to all 67 Florida sheriffs.  One particular mail-out contained a cover letter along with some research-based recommendations for prevention of sex crimes, particularly against minors.  This information will also be mailed to some of our Florida legislators along with sending it to Louisiana Senator Barrow.

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