Shame on the Southern Baptist Convention for kicking out two of its affiliates because they employed pastors who were on the registry!

According to ABC News, West Side Baptist Church in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, was ousted because it “knowingly employs as pastor a registered sex offender,” and Antioch Baptist Church in Sevierville, Tennessee, has a pastor who was convicted of statutory rape.

The pastor at West Side Baptist Church had a conviction from 1993, which they disclosed on their website, stating, “Over 29 years ago Pastor David lived as a great sinner and rebel,” the site says. “But Christ Jesus is a great Savior! Today Pastor David has gone from disgrace to amazing grace and now has served the Lord Jesus Christ at West Side for 18 years.” The pastor at Antioch Baptist Church had an offense from 1994,

What kind of a lesson does the SBC teach to its congregants by this action? That there is no hope for salvation? That if you sin, you might as well go on sinning because no level of repentance will ever earn you acceptance?

Despite the shameful action of the SBC, our support and congratulations go out to the two pastors who were able to turn their lives around, become better persons and live a meaningful life serving others.

As an important side note, the SBC also ousted two other churches because they were too welcoming of LGBTQ congregants. Totally shameful!

If anyone would like to contact the Southern Baptist Convention you can do so by writing to: [email protected]

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