The Law Review article linked to below was written by Kenneth H. Browning, a third-year law student at Barry University School of Law. He examines ethics in the sex offender registration scheme and questions whether it is ethical to sweep up everybody into a common dust bin. He asks, “why is Adrian, a registered sex offender who had sex with a girl who said she was 18 years old when they met at an Over 18 Club, on the same list as Jesse Timmendequas, who forcefully sexually assaulted and murdered a seven-year old girl from his neighborhood? In these cases, and several others we will review, lady justice has been truly blind. Blind to indiscriminate and damaging sociological, psychological, and economic trauma exacted on registered sex offenders as a result of the indiscriminate effects of the notification requirement. Legislature, opting to deal swiftly with the offense, has failed to deal accurately with the offender”

Read his article and share your thoughts.

The Unethical Dilemma of an Offense Based Sex Offender Registration and Notification System and the Indiscriminate Effect on the Low Risk Offender_

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