The Fulton County YMCA, in Johnstown, New York was just hit with a $10,000,000.00 lawsuit. A 19 year old former employee was charged with raping an underage girl in the locker room

In Wichita, Kansas a 31 year old former employee allegedly sexually assaulted three teenage girls this month. The same Y had another instance of sexual assault last year.

The YMCA recently enacted a policy barring all persons required to register as sexual offenders from their facilities and revoking the membership of many long-time members after discovering a sexual offense in their history. They do sex offender screenings of all members, guests and employees.

So how has that policy worked out for them? Obviously not very good… neither of the alleged offenders at these Ys were on the registry.

It’s NOT people on the registry committing sex offenses!



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