There’s an old saying that begins, “those who scream the loudest…”, which generally ends with the implication that they themselves have the most to hide.

Perhaps they feel that vocal opposition and the implication that they are “doing good” serves as a counterbalance to something “really bad” they are also doing? Maybe they point fingers at others to deflect the focus from themselves so they can skate by undetected? Or maybe they have a psychological need to demonize others because they are simply dirty hypocrites?

There are many infamous examples; from preachers to politicians and everyone in between. Remember Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert and Ted Haggard, who preached morality and warned against sin, all the while they were stealing from their congregations and/or cheating on their wives?  How about NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, who as the State’s Attorney General cracked down hard on prostitution, then got outed as a recurring client of an escort agency?

Our State has plenty of it’s own vocal hypocrites…  Florida’s own Representative Mark Foley, who was the chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children, the most vocal politician against internet crimes against children and fought for passage of the Adam Walsh Act got caught, within a year of it’s passage, text messaging underage congressional pages with sexually explicit messages. Speaking of the Adam Walsh Act; John Walsh admitted to dating his wife while she was underage! Shouldn’t he be prosecuted? Or Mark Lunsford, after whose daughter, Jessica, many sex offender proximity restrictions are named. Mark’s other child, Joshua was arrested as an adult for molesting a 14 year old. Shouldn’t he be subjected to the Jessica Lunsford Act?

These hypocrites have been screaming the loudest, yet when it comes to themselves or their families, they feel the laws don’t apply to them or if they make the public believe that they are “so righteous”, they will be above prosecution. But this is not childhood “whoever smelt it dealt it”, where the person who objects the first and loudest to the smell is likely the person who passed gas. This is playing with people’s lives!

Hopefully, one day these hypocrites who keep pushing the pendulum of sex offender punishment further out, will have it swing back…  and smack them in the face.



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