It was not long ago that we reacted to the mass shootings in Las Vegas or at Pulse nightclub. Senseless tragedies. Situations where nothing appropriate can be said, except this should never be allowed to happen. When it happens at a school and children are killed, its even more tragic.

Yesterday, it happened in our State, in our second-most populous County. It really hit home.

The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was the worst school shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary five years ago. Five years ago! Nothing has been done in five years! No gun control measures, no new laws, nothing at all!

Our politicians’ standard reaction in these situations is to say, “our thoughts and prayers go out” to the victims and their families, but what are their “thoughts” and “prayers” going to do to fix this problem? Florida politicians push useless bills to satisfy and enrich the lobbyists and themselves, but completely ignore underlying problems and turn a blind eye to empirical evidence.

As Judge Mark Walker considers the voting rights of felons in Florida, I sincerely hope the Court will recognize how meaningful and important this right is!

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