The Attorney General has proposed 22 amendments to the Act to amend the Sexual Offences Act, Chap. 11:28. Chief among these are the creation of two sexual offender registers.

Speaking in the Senate on Tuesday, AG Faris Al-Rawi said the bill intended to create two registers: the National Sex Offender Register, which would be private and for the use of law enforcement only, and the Public Sex Offender Website, which would be accessible by the public. The website would be under the control of the Commissioner of Police.

He said people convicted of offences would have their names added to the public register unless they appealed to the court not to do so for a valid reason, eg in the case of incest, and granting this appeal would be at the discretion of the courts.

“The Law Association has asked why people who had previously been convicted could not be added to the list. This is because the law is functus, meaning that because the court didn’t make an order at the time, it can’t be added retroactively.


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