I saw the following article posted on ACSOL, but was so offended I wanted to share it here too. A teacher in the UK was removed from her teaching position because she failed to disclose her relationship with a person required to register as a sex offender. WTF?!? so now there are not only restrictions on registrants but on their family and friends too?

This is one of the most concerning stories I’ve read in a while. As we see from the Caribbean countries creating registries and branding passports, countries like to jump on the bandwagon. How long will it be until some legislator in the US thinks it’s a good idea to require third parties to disclose their relationship with a person required to register or risk their employment? As it is; family and associates are required to have their vehicles registered, cohabitants are saddled with holiday restrictions and random and frequent police visits, and social media sites such as Nextdoor.com ban people just for sharing the same home as a registrant!

I think it’s time that family and cohabitants fight back! We promised to make 2019 the year of the family. Let’s pledge to make 2019 the year we bring a lawsuit on behalf of the innocent family members who are victims of these laws!

Here’s the story from the UK

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