Weekly Update for July 25, 2023

Dear Members and Advocates,


Florida Action Committee (FAC) is the Florida state affiliate for the National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws (NARSOL).  FAC was well represented at the NARSOL conference in Houston last month and plans are underway to make it feasible for more FAC members to attend the 2024 conference next year in Atlanta.  During the Houston conference, our Petition to Declare Public Sex Offender Registration in the United States a Violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was shared with other affiliates from around the nation.


Our team carried around a flyer of the petition with the QR code and asked everyone they encountered to sign it with a simple click on the QR code.  Affiliates were asked to take copies of the flyer back to the state groups.  As a result, we have reached 6,000 signatures to-date, and our next goal is to reach 7,500 signatures.  You can help by printing the FLYER and sharing it with friends and family.  With every signature,  it is one more person acknowledging that the Registry is punishment.


The FAC Board of Directors is expanding, adding three new Directors to dedicate more efforts on managing the growing membership team, delivering advocacy training statewide, and strengthening nationwide alliances with agencies, affiliates, and organizations that share common ground.  We are currently seeking directors skilled in research, social media, and fundraising.  Interested candidates can send their bio to [email protected].


On the legal front, oral arguments for Motion Summary Judgement on the Ex Post Facto II case were heard last month and we are awaiting the judge’s opinion.  Trial date originally scheduled for 7/17/2023 was postponed.  We should have more information on the both Ex Post Facto cases next week.


Finally, mark your calendar for the Monthly Membership call on Thu August 3 when we will be discussing the FDLE Cyber Communications system and plans for proposed legislation to allow for more online reporting and less in-person reporting.


There is strength in numbers so make yourself count!  Get involved and join us at a local meet and greet.



The Florida Action Committee (FAC)

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