The NY Daily News has unnecessarily shamed a man who died yesterday.

Charles Cheeseboro, Jr., 43, was involved in a scooter accident that left him with a serious head. He succumbed to his injury two days later. He was living homeless at the time. He used to work with the Doe Fund, a nonprofit that assists homeless people. He was outgoing and loved to make people laugh.

It could have been a nice tribute to someone that died tragically or a cautionary story about the dangers of riding e-bikes, but instead the NY Daily News needed to tarnish it by writing “he was a registered sex offender”; a fact that didn’t contribute to his death nor would the reader’s knowledge at this time protect the public in any way… it’s just another case of unnecessary shaming.

If anyone cares to share your thought with the authors, please feel free: Esha Ray [email protected] and Clayton Guse [email protected]


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