City Walk opened as a “Cold Night Shelter” in late November. Where the City and City Walk disagree is on the definition of a “cold night.” Our local government says it’s not a cold night until it is ‘35 degrees or below for three or more consecutive hours.’ So if it is 36 degrees and raining our local government says it’s not cold enough to activate. Many of our congregation are elderly, some in their 70’s and 80’s and many others with severe disabilities. A few are in wheelchairs.

City Walk Urban Mission has provided over 3500 nights of safe sleep since November 20, 2020 and served over 6000 meals. We are funded by individual donors like yourself and by our donation dependent thrift store. We do not receive any government funding or grants. This is completely self-funded at this time. We have no problem with full transparency.

City Walk has submitted a Type B Site Plan to change the use of our church campus from office to transitional housing. You can review our application on our website under FAQ. Or email [email protected] for a copy. The Development Review Committee will decide if our church can operate these life saving services permanently on March 8th. The DRC is a five person committee. We ask our supporters that want to see us continue to save lives send correspondence to the committee members in support. John Reddick [email protected], Lise Baggs [email protected], Jimmy Lee [email protected], Allen Seacrest [email protected], Russell Snyder [email protected]

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