Posted 6/1/2023

NOTE: This request has been satisfied thanks to the member that provided a copy of the DMV letter.  The member was there to register multiple temporary addresses.  DMV would only accept two temporary addresses and asked the person to return when the other addresses were going to be used.  Because DMV could only accept 2 addresses was NOT his problem and he was not about to be turned away. He was insistent that they accept ALL temporary addresses and stayed there until the matter was resolved, only after DMV contacted Tallahassee for instructions. In the end, he was issued four letters, each containing 2 written addresses on the bottom.  The letters were than accepted at Sheriff Office as proof that DMV was notified of all 8 temporary addresses.

Personal information has been blocked, but here is an image of the letter in question:


Posted 5/27/2023

We will be providing updates on the Motions that have been filed in the last week,  but what we need NOW is a copy of the  document that DMV issues when you have attempted to get a Driver’s License or ID, but were unable to secure or update your driver’s license or ID at DHSMV during that visit.

DMV issues a letter confirming that you were there in person, but due to missing information or other reason, they could not complete your application for a new Driver’s License or ID.

The document is needed by 5/30/2023. Given DMV is closed for holiday, we are reaching out to members.  If you have a copy of that letter, please email a copy to [email protected].  Call 833-273-7325 Option 1 with questions.

Thank you



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