The US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report this month entitled, “Recidivism of Sex Ofenders Released from State Prison: A 9-Year Follow-Up (2005-14)”. As reported by NARSOL, the new study shows sexual offense recidivism rates lower that previous estimates.

  • The median sentence length among prisoners released in 30 states in 2005 after serving time for rape or sexual assault (60 months) was longer than the median sentence length among all prisoners (36 months)
  • Sex offenders were less likely than other released prisoners to be arrested during the 9 years following release
  • The longer sex offenders went without being arrested after release, the less likely they were to be arrested during the 9-year follow-up period.
  • The majority of arrests for a specific type of crime did not involve those who had been in prison for the same type of offense.
  • At the end of the 9-year follow-up period, male sex offenders had a lower cumulative arrest percentage than all male prisoners.

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