Some good news (or, I should say partial good news because a dismissal was upheld on due process grounds), out of Virginia where an Ex-Post-Facto case was reversed and remanded after being dismissed by the trial court.

In 1994, Prynne was convicted and sentenced to probation for having sex with a 15-year old for which she served as the family nanny. The following year the Virginia registry was enacted, a few years later the length of time one had to register for was extended and over the course of 25 years since, the finish line kept moving for Ms. Prynne.

The court used the expression from the 6th Circuit, that Smith v. Doe should not be seen as a blank check for states to enact harsher and harsher registration requirements and that the Plaintiffs complaint alleged sufficient arguments to proceed and she should have her day in court.

The opinion can be read here: Prynne v Settle – 4th Cir

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