A registered sex predator was jailed in Clay County after he tried to alter his driver’s license to hide the words “sexual predator” on his driver’s license, a police report said.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said XXXXXX, 63, placed a sticker over the Sexual Predator decal on his license.

XXXXXX is charged with possession of an altered identification card by a sex predator, a felony.

Police were conducting an address check on XXXXXX on Sept. 21. When a deputy asked XXXXXX for his license, he complied, police said.

The deputy saw a sticker on the bottom right of the license and peeled it off, revealing the words “sexual predator”, the report said.

Sexual predators in Florida are warned not to alter their driver’s licenses. Police said XXXXXX knew he couldn’t alter his license because he’s signed sex offender papers dozens of times since 1995, when he was listed as a sex predator.

[FAC NOTE: We looked into the registrant. He has a single sexual offense from more than 20 years ago and nothing subsequent other than one registration violation. His crime was committed before the existence of the Florida registry]


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