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On our site this week we featured some reminders to registrants. There is a distinction between ‘probation violations’ and ‘registration violations’. For one, conditions of your probation need to be complied with in addition to conditions of registration. Also, conditions of probation may differ from one registrant to another, while registration requirements are generally standard. Finally – and this is an important distinction – in order to be violated for a probation violation, the prosecutor must prove that your violation is ‘willful’, while violations of registration requirements are “strict liability” they can take place unknowingly.

In a sense – from the risk of violation perspective – it’s far more difficult dealing with registration than it is probation. One mis-step, willful or not, knowing or not can easily yield a registration violation and with last year’s change in the statute, the consequences are greater than before. That’s why it’s important to regularly check our site, read through our weekly updates and even check the registration statute to stay on top of your requirements. We strive to bring you timely updates on our advocacy efforts and legal challenges, but just as importantly we strive to give you the latest updates to registration obligations.

Thus far there are no new bills introduced in this legislative session that will have a significant impact on people already required to register. There’s a bill to make “child-like” sex dolls illegal (that probably won’t pass and so what if it does) and one to create a registry for people who solicit prostitutes (now that they are calling it “Human Trafficking” it just might pass), but we’re watching out for the ones that move the ball on persons required to register. Hopefully, with the State seeing that we are pushing back in the Courts, it’s causing them to think twice before introducing legislation that just might subject them to a lawsuit.

In our other efforts to bring you the best resources and information, we want to remind you of our monthly member calls. Next Months’ call (which will take place Thursday February 7th at 8pm ET) we have the privilege of having Professor Emily Horowitz as our guest speaker. For those who don’t know Prof. Horowitz – she’s the one that destroyed Marci Hamilton (scholar in constitutional law at the University of Pennsylvania) in a public debate coordinated by and which can be found here. Prof. Horowitz will review some of the research and evidence about sex offense registries and the harm they cause, and make an effort to summarize and highlight some specific research findings about the registry that are useful to be aware of for those engaging in advocacy efforts.

While we strive to make FAC a valuable resource for information – we want to remind you of the importance of sharing information. If you become aware of an issue affecting registrants in your area, please let us know about it. If you have a question about a registration requirement that’s unclear to you, please ask. We assure you that there are others in your situation who are in the same boat. By sharing information and resources, we help each other know what’s going on and we become more effective.


The Florida Action Committee




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