Wellington, Florida is considering creating a rule that would require vacation rental owners to check to see if potential renters are on the sex offender registry. The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow and will be held by Zoom.

The Responsible Party for all Vacation Rental properties is required to conduct a nationwide search to confirm that the prospective Transient Occupant(s) is/are not a registered sexual offender or sexual predator as a result of a conviction of a sexual offense. The Department of Justice offers a free search for all states on the National Sex Offender Public Website. Further, if a Vacation Rental property is located within 2,500 feet of a school, school bus stop, or park, it is a violation of Wellington’s CO, and of Florida Statute sections 775.21 and 775.215, to allow any person to establish a temporary, permanent, or transient residence with knowledge that such person is a registered sexual offender or registered sexual predator in any jurisdiction.

It should be noted that Wellington makes a misrepresentation in their proposed ordinance. Florida law (F.S. Sec. 775.215 – https://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2018/775.215) only requires 1000 feet, NOT 2500 feet. Secondly, Florida Law is not retroactive (offenses that occur on or after October 1, 2004 for an offense in FL and on or after May 26, 2010 for an offense that took place in another Jurisdiction).

You may provide written comments by emailing Village Clerk Chevelle Addie by August 25, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at [email protected], or you may access the public comment online form by visiting https://fl-wellington.civicplus.com/FormCenter/Clerks-Office-14/Public-Comment-Card-77.You must fill out all required information for the form to be submitted. Other available options are by regular mail at 12300 Forest Hill Boulevard, Wellington, FL 33414. Provide your full name and address, and if you are a Village business owner, list the business name and address. If you request, your written comments will be read into the record at the appropriate time. All other written comments received by the deadline will be distributed to the appropriate staff prior to the start of the meeting. Time limits will be enforced so written comments must be limited to 3 minutes. To request to speak during the virtual meeting, you must call (561) 868-8630 prior to the start of the meeting to be placed within the call list.

REFERENCE (20-3910 “Ordinance No. 2211 Vacation Rentals”)


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