Operation Cross Country, the FBI’s annual vice squad bonanza disguised as a human-trafficking rescue mission, is back. This year’s operation was conducted throughout the first two weeks of August, involving more than 200 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

The FBI reports that Operation Cross Country 2022 located 37 missing minors, identified “more than 200 victims,” and led to the “identification or arrest” of 85 suspects. But it gives us little information beyond these broad statistics.

If there’s one thing law enforcement agents are not, it’s modest. So if the FBI and its partners had actually arrested a bunch of sex traffickers or busted up some major human trafficking rings, they would surely tell us that in no uncertain terms.

But the FBI press release mentions only three federal cases, none involving sex trafficking or labor trafficking. The cases mentioned include one person failing to register as a sex offender and two “suspects who may have been involved with child sexual abuse material production or enticement violations.”

That doesn’t rule out further charges forthcoming, of course. But if past Operation Cross Country initiatives are any guide, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.


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