Once in a while I check the status of McGuire v. Strange (rather, it’s now McGuire v. Marshall, since the governor of Alabama has since changed), a case that has been pending in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals since 2015. That wasn’t a typo, 2015 is correct.

The McGuire case was one that we wrote about years ago in a post called “Not-So-Sweet-Home Alabama” SEVEN YEARS AGO THIS WEEK! The case is a registration case that we are following closely because it happens to be in the same judicial circuit as Florida.

In 2019 the parties asked for a status update and the Court wrote back, “the appeal remains pending before the Court.” One year ago, the government filed a motion to the Appellate Court essentially saying “please rule on this case”. The Court replied, granting the order, saying, “This case is before the Court on Appellees’ “Motion for Ruling.” This case involves considerable unsettled law and a number of complex issues. Since it was submitted, the Alabama legislature amended the relevant statute. The judges on the panel have expended a great deal of effort and spent considerable time researching and analyzing all of the issues and writing about them. The Court has worked diligently on the case and continues to do so, but more work remains to be done. The Court understands that the parties need a ruling at the earliest practicable time and construes the Attorney General’s June 11, 2021 motion in that way. The motion for a ruling at the earliest practicable time is GRANTED. – ENTERED FOR THE COURT – BY DIRECTION”

That was in August of 2021 – one year ago. Still nothing!!! McGuire was in his 60’s to begin with. It’s as if the court is waiting for him to die of old age so they can rule the case moot and call it a day!

This post is only to update members on the status (or no update) of this case that we are following. If anyone has any insight into what in the world is happening in this case, please share it below. If you don’t have information about this case, please reserve comments.

Justice delayed is justice denied!

UPDATE: FAC sent a letter to the 11th Circuit. A copy of the letter can be viewed here: Letter to the 11th RE McGuire

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