Several news stations have run stories about persons required to register as sex offenders being on social media. In light of Packingham v. North Carolina (the Supreme Court of the United States case that found a law making it a felony for a registered sex offender “to access a commercial social networking Web site” was unconstitutional), why are people still debating this?

While a court CAN impose social media or even internet restrictions as part of an individual’s probation, the government cannot restrict a person not on probation from social media or the internet. The highest court in the nation already decided this matter.

Facebook or most similar sites can, through their policies, ban people from using their sites but it is not illegal to use them. Unless someone is doing something illegal online, law enforcement has no say in the matter!

News reports like the one below, should be better informed of the law before they broadcast something to the public. The question they are asking has already been answered.

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