Wonder why so many lawyers refuse to touch any cases involving RSOs? Here’s one reason why?

Attorney, Patricia Sigman is a candidate running for Florida Senate, District 9. She is the target of a smear campaign by her opponent, which accuses her of representing a former Osceola County deputy that was charged with a sexual offense. A group by the name of “Floridians for Equality and Justice” is mailing out fliers saying she was “defending a sexual predator”.

Shame on “Floridians for Equality and Justice”, You are nothing about equality and justice or you would be aware of the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of the right to counsel. Also, shame on Patricia Sigman, for reacting as if the suggestion of her merely representing this individual in the context of a legal defense as a practicing attorney would be so offensive! Her response to Orlando’s WESH News, that she represented him years before in an employment matter, but God forbid no, not when he was accused of a sex offense, seems a bit haughty,

Some attorneys are so worried about the stigma of representing a registrant (even in post conviction, family law, or matters completely unrelated to the offense) that they think they will become infected with some virus that will destroy their business and friendships if they take the case.

Look, nobody has to take on any cases they don’t want to or represent a client they personally find repugnant, but what’s absolutely disgusting is when lawyers are shamed by others for doing their jobs and upholding a constitutional right they swore to uphold.




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