These stories really piss me off.

The headline of an article on the “Crawford County Now”, reads, “Tier 1 sex offender assists in …jury selection.” Naturally I had to click on this rag to find out what happened or what the issue was.

Turns out just that…

An anonymous tip was verified revealing that a Tier I Sex Offender was assisting defense attorney Adam XXXXXX during jury selection.XXXXX XXXXX is currently a paralegal at XXXXX’s law firm.

During the course of discovery, trial preparation, and today’s jury selection, XXXXXX was present with XXXX and actively participating in proceedings.

When reached for comment, Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall noted that his office policy is to not publicly comment on issues regarding an ongoing trial. No comment was given by Adam XXXXX or representatives of his office in response to inquiries made by Crawford County Now.

I’m sorry, but what’s the story here? That someone on the registry has a job as a paralegal? Is there a problem with that?

It’s not like he has a job in a preschool, he wasn’t exposing himself to potential jurors or masturbating during cross examination. Why does the writer think this is a story, why would they prejudice the jury, and why do they need to mess with someone who has paid their debt to society and is working?

Every so often we come across these B.S. stories with the general theme of “would you believe they let someone on the registry be a garbage man?” and I have to wonder how society expects anyone to return to a viable life, when they crap all over them for doing something productive such as working!


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