WWJD? I know many of you know a different acronym for that, but in the case of tomorrow’s monthly member call, it’s “What Would Janice Do?”. And by Janice, we are talking about Janice Bellucci.

Janice is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) and for the persons required to register in California, she’s a savior in her own right.

In the beginning, Florida and California were both in the running for ‘worst state’ for those on the registry. At one point, both had residency restrictions, proximity ordinances, lifetime registration and a legislature that was steamrolling in one direction. Through showing up and speaking out in Sacramento, plus a series of winning lawsuits, California is coming around. Residency restrictions and proximity ordinances are a thing of the past in most of their state, they were able to implement a Sex Offender Management Board to make recommendations, and as of 2021 their legislature actually enacted a tiered registry that will enable people to fall off the list. Granted, nowhere with a registry is good, but at least things are better there than they were.

Unfortunately, Florida is not California. California has a lot more registrants on their list, which equates to more resources (Florida has many but more than half of those on our list left the state, were deported, or died). California has a more fair minded legislature without a father/daughter senator/lobbyist team exercising their personal vendetta. California has two actual licensed attorneys on the ACSOL Board who can bring lawsuits internally. And California has Janice!

I often wonder, what would Janice do if she inherited the sea of garbage that exists in Florida… Tomorrow night we get to find out!

Please join us for our monthly member call where Janice Bellucci will talk about what she and ACSOL did to get to where they are today and, most specifically, how they were able to help accomplish the establishment of a tiered registry.

The call begins promptly at 8PM EST. To Participate, call (319) 527-3487 or to join directly on your computer or smartphone, CLICK HERE




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