House Bill 68 aims to require registered sex offenders to obtain permission from Wyoming school principals or vice principals before they are able to access school grounds for their own children’s events at the schools.

Senate District 23 Senator Jeff Wasserburger, who says he served as a school principal for 14 years, explained the bill to the Senate ahead of their first reading vote on Thursday, March 5.

“For many years I served as a building principal,” he said. “There were situations that were very difficult to deal with.

Current Wyoming law generally forbids registered sex offenders from accessing school grounds, but provides some exceptions, including when they are attending their own children’s academic conferences or extracurricular activities.

Wasserburger said that registered sex offenders with children attending a school should require written permission from principals to attend such events, which is what the bill proposes, noting that this requirement was not in place during his time as a principal.

“I got caught in this situation two separate times in 14 years,” he said. “Both of those times I didn’t have the opportunity to approve. In one case, the registered sex offender was not a risk to my school or to my students.”


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