Since 2015, has provided the Informational Corrlinks Newsletter (ICoN) and other prisoner outreach services. In an effort to provide numerous resources for prisoners, those new to life on the registry, and those potentially facing life on the registry (many of whom may not have access to the Internet), OnceFallen has compiled the best information from our website and past issues from the ICoN and created “Your Life on the List”, a registry survival guide.

Your Life on the List covers many of the most common questions those new to life on the sex offense registry may have. Topics include an overview of sex offense laws and terminology, finding housing and employment, travel issues, compliance checks, dealing with vigilantes, disaster preparation, and other issues a person may face while listed on the public registry. “Your Life on The List” also lists numerous resources for treatment, support, activism, and housing for Registered Persons.

In addition, “Your Life on The List” contains a comprehensive summary of sex offense registration, notification, proximity/ residency restrictions, and other laws a registrant may endure while on the registry. This valuable section compiles data from multiple resources and expand on it to offer the most comprehensive overview of the laws of all 50 state plus the US territories.

A free PDF version of the guide can be found at:

For those who desire a printed copy of “Your Life on The List”, the book can be ordered from for $12.95. The link to the printed copy is at:

All proceeds from sales of the print copy of the book go to Reset Missouri, an organization using the proceeds to establish residential housing for Registered Persons in Missouri.

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