News About Sex Offender Registry – Michigan

The Michigan Supreme Court is hearing a case today concerning a man who decades ago touched a girls breasts. His probation and community service were completed in 1997 and his case was dismissed. He has no conviction.

Even though his criminal case is sealed and the general public would otherwise have no knowledge of the non-conviction, he remains on the sex offender registry in Michigan.

The state is opposing his suit to get off the registry, claiming the sex offender registry is not punishment. After the 6th Circuit (Michigan’s appellate circuit) and the State of Colorado, found otherwise, it will be interesting to see what the Michigan Supreme Court finds.

Application to Florida Sex Offender Registry

Of interest to us in Florida, the registrant who is the subject of this case is on the Florida Sex Offender Registry (even though he doesn’t live in Florida, he lives in Michigan).

We hope he’s successful in getting removed from the Michigan Registry and then seeks removal from Florida too!

For more information on the case (including links to all pleadings) click here.

To watch the oral arguments, click here.

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