Beginning on February 13 and throughout 2023, Chicago’s WTTW’s FIRSTHAND: LIFE AFTER PRISON will look at the challenges facing returning citizens as they try to reintegrate back into society while carrying the stigma of a criminal record.

This 5-part documentary will focus on the firsthand perspectives of people facing critical issues in Chicago.

People can visit on February 13, 2023, to find more information on the project.

This series will follow five Chicagoans facing life after prison, one of which will be Paul S. who served a 15-and-a-half-years’ prison sentence for aggravated child molestation.  According to the Chicagoan Defender, Paul had many challenges trying to reintegrate back into society with “challenges including the prohibitions placed on sex offenders, and the stigma that ‘once a sex offender, always a sex offender.’  Determined to move forward with his life, Paul has found religion and true love.”


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