All – Halloween 2019 is behind us. Here are some stories that came out recently pointing out the irrational and completely false hysteria that surrounds Halloween and persons on the registry:

“Yet sex crimes do not spike on Halloween, and “stranger danger” is a largely mythical threat. Almost all sex crimes committed by strangers on Halloween are committed by first time offenders. In fact, registered sex offenders are rarely repeat offenders; the only offense with a lower recidivism rate is murder. And in 2008, Department of Justice research indicated that Megan’s Law has had no measurable effect on recidivism. Children are far more likely to be struck by a car on Halloween than be assaulted. In fact, children are ten times likelier to be struck by a car on Halloween than on any other day”


“Halloween is spooky for kids, maybe, but it’s downright terrifying for parents who take all the fearmongering to heart… This tactic is on display every year at Halloween, a day when the risk of sex crimes to children is no higher than it is any other day of the year, which is something you wouldn’t know if you listened to law enforcement talk about it.”

In Leaked Audio, Prosecutor Admits Locking People Up Is Not About Public Safety


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