Last year, Senator Lauren Book proposed a bill that enabled DCF (Department of Children and Families) to take a child away from their registrant (person required to register as a sex offender) parent. The bill would have created a rebuttable presumption of dangerousness, thereby allowing for the child’s removal and placement in DCF custody while the registrant parent would have to prove he’s not dangerous in order to get his child back.

No allegations of sexual assault against the removed child and it didn’t matter how long ago the registrant committed their crime.

This year, that same senator, in a statement following the death of a toddler in DCF custody is saying, “ I do not have any confidence that other vulnerable individuals across the state can be kept safe by DCF.”

To any registrant with children, last year’s proposed bill was sick and scary. Thankfully it didn’t pass. Now she’s essentially calling the agency charged with removing our children inept!

It’s scary to have a person with such little experience or insight and who is willfully blind to research or expert opinion, in a position of power.

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