An interesting opinion piece just came out on Newsweek. the opinion is that “Sex Robots Could Empower Pedophiles and Sex Offenders”.

Sex robots (or ‘Sex-bots’) are anatomically correct sex toys with features designed to simulate real human characteristics. Imagine a cross between a blow-up doll and Teddy Ruxpin, but with all the latest technology.

They make ‘sex-bots’ to appeal to a wide variety of preferences, including race and gender. But they also make some robots which many people feel “cross the line”, most specifically ‘pedo-bots’ which are made to appear like children.

On one end of the argument; these ‘bots’ can produce “harm limitation”, meaning someone who has a sexual inclination, can “get whatever they need out of their system” with a robot, rather than seeking out an actual person. Similar to the use of dildos or vibrators – one would use them for gratification, rather than engaging in behavior that could be risky.

On the other end of the argument is that these ‘bots’ can lead to actual offending. Once someone gets tired of their robot, they may actually seek out a live victim. Like the argument that pornography is a “gateway” to actual offending.

The opinion piece was prompted by a study I, Sex Robot: the health implications of the sex robot industry that study analyzed the ‘sex-bot’ industry and asks whether the bots promote safer sex, have therapeutic value, can be used to treat people with deviant urges. Their conclusion was that it’s too early to tell whether there’s any medical/therapeutic benefit to sex-bots or whether these new sex toys will lead to more harm.

What do you think? Chime in below.

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