Weekly Update #244

Dear Members and Advocates,

Something stinks in Highlands County, Florida and it’s not the exhaust fumes from the Sebring International Raceway. The stench is coming from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office’s sex offender unit, where two detectives have been going above and beyond to terrorize people on the registry by coming up with their own set of rules, codified nowhere in Statute or Municipal Ordinance, and then arresting people for violating them.

We’ve been hearing complaints about these individuals for a while, but it was not until one of our brave members (who also was fortunate enough to be able to afford competent counsel to defend him) decided to fight his case. This individual was arrested and facing four third degree felonies for not reporting interstate travel (out of Florida) to the DHSMV (Driver’s license office). Intrastate (within Florida) gets reported to the DHSMV, while out of state gets reported to the Sheriff’s Office. Regardless of what the statute says, these detectives had their own rule that required registrants who travel outside the state to report to both, and they arrested this individual for not following that rule.

Not only did they arrest the individual for the one instance that took place since he established a temporary residence in Highlands, but being the thorough detectives they are, they went through dozens of his prior registrations (while the individual was living in a completely different County), checked every time he reported interstate travel, and charged him for those as well. The cracker jack detectives even went as far as to subpoena this guy’s cellular phone records going back years, to match the geolocation to confirm he was in all the places he voluntarily reported to the Sheriff’s office.

Facing 4 felonies, each carrying up to 5 years – a total exposure of 20 years in prison for violating a registration requirement invented by a county detective, this brave registrant chose to fight his case and eventually the charges were dropped. That was not before the individual spent months with a potential long-term prison sentence hanging over his head and also spent tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees fighting his case. Most people would not have had the stomach or the finances to fight the charges, which is what Highlands County has gotten away with for a while. Hopefully not anymore.

Since we posted a bit about this situation, SEVERAL individuals have come out of the shadows to let us know about their situations or similar situations across several counties. One, facing current charges, had a search warrant issued for his phone and then was charged for not reporting Internet Identifiers he was never supposed to report (were not used for direct person-to-person communication). To find out how prevalent a problem this actually is; FAC submitted a Public Information Request to Highlands County for copies of the arrest and/or warrant affidavits prepared by these two detectives.

On November 29, FAC received a response from Teresa L. Crooks, Central Records Specialist, Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. The response begins, “Our agency was the victim of ransomware in May of 2022, resulting in the loss of public records. There are documents available. However, there was a loss of records during your specified date range which are non-recoverable.” The first thought that should be coming to your mind is the same thought that came to ours. So our next public information request was for documentation supporting this “ransomware attack” that targeted our discoverable documentation.

In addition to our approach of trying to hold authorities accountable for abusive treatment of those forced to register, we have also been devoting more attention to a series of posts called “The Registry Failed Them”. The series asks how certain new sexual offenses could have possibly happened in light of the existence of “one of the most valuable weapons” in preventing sexual abuse (those were the words of the U.S. Department of Justice in May of 2005). The series then highlights situations where, this valuable tool failed in protecting our loved ones (the registry is “a major step forward for everyone who wants to protect loved ones from sex offenders” Sen. Dorgan -ND), or where it was devoid of information that kept children safe (the registry “provides information to keep our children safe.” Gov. Ehrlich – MD), and where it did absolutely nothing to help law enforcement identify suspects (the registry would “increase [law enforcement’s] ability to track suspects… that abducted or abused a child” (Paul Anders, Andre’ Bosse Center for Child Victims).

In fact, all these claims and guarantees touted by those pushing for the Federal SORNA turned out to be lies and false promises. Studies have repeatedly shown that the registry is more snake oil than panacea. To demonstrate that fact using examples that are as illustrative as possible, we’ve been writing these “the registry failed them” posts when teachers, prosecutors, military leaders, and politicians are getting arrested for sexual offenses. We started the posts less than a month ago, but the hits just kept coming. You can’t go a week without a teacher (here’s one in Hillsborough County last week arrested for Child porn) or a politician (how about the Former Jacksonville City Attorney who had his license revoked last week after a 2021 arrest for lewd and lascivious on a minor) committing a sexual crime that the registry failed to prevent. If this is “one of the most valuable weapons” in preventing sexual abuse (again, the words of the U.S. Department of Justice, not mine), this registry is more squirt gun than AK-47.

As if a gift from God for someone who has to come up with content for a small human rights forum, came the pièce de resistance to our “The Registry Failed Them” series. Last week  a former Cobb County (Georgia) Deputy Sheriff assigned to the agency’s Sex Offender Unit was sentenced to federal prison for distributing child pornography! I kid you not! A law enforcement officer who worked in none other than the sex offender unit of a Sheriff’s office, was committing sex offenses right under the nose of the very department that is charged with supervising, tracking and monitoring sex offenders! What more could anyone ask for when looking for facts to make an absolute mockery of this registry? It’s as if you give someone a magic wand that doesn’t do anything, but the person wielding it keeps poking others in the eye. At some point you need to say put down the toy.

And it should go without saying that we are, in no way, poking fun at sexual abuse. The teachers, politicians law enforcement officers, or anyone who commits a sexual crime should be punished, and we have tremendous empathy for the victims who are failed by the registry. This point is to serve them as much as it is to serve our own efforts. Sexual abuse is not a game and “the registry failed them” is not our proverbial check mate. The whole message here is that if you are serious about protecting loved ones, providing information to keep kids safe and preventing recidivism, you don’t play with magic wands. You actually look at the research, you read the studies, you learn from experience, you don’t feed the public bullshit, you don’t come up with schemes to profit off a tragedy and you spend your resources solving actual sexual crimes and not harassing someone trying to live a law-abiding life because they didn’t report a WebMD account they never used or some other benign stupidity you made up!


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FAC Letter to Volusia Sheriff and Public Records Request

It was recently brought to our attention that the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is requiring personal information from persons required to register who intended to travel. Specifically the means of travel (including copies of flight information) for domestic travel…

“Sex offender” question to be asked on passport applications.

International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders, known as IML, requires the State Department to include a unique identifier in the passports of registered sex offenders covered…

Tampa City Council to hear report on concentration of sex offenders

Tampa City Council Members will study the findings of a report from the Tampa Police Department on Thursday about a high concentration of sex offenders living in a one-block stretch of Nebraska Avenue in the city’s V.M. Ybor neighborhood. Tampa police officials say…

Call To Action: Help get support from other Human Rights Organizations

Our Change.org petition has broken 3,500 signatures. We would like to get to 5,000. Not only because more numbers is a greater indication of more people thinking the registry is a human rights violation, but because we want more people to read the actual petition!…

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