Weekly Update for 2020-03-16

Dear Members and Advocates,

Two words I’ve heard a lot this week have been “panic” and “uncertainty”. It has been interesting to watch how much chaos has emerged from this “panic” and “uncertainty”. Financial markets have collapsed, families scramble to find alternative arrangements to accommodate school closures, people are having so much difficulty finding basic amenities. There is pandemonium everywhere. As I watch those around me worry, I think to myself, “welcome to my world!”

I have lived with “panic” and “uncertainty” for more than fifteen years. I panic every time my doorbell rings. Will this be my address verification? Are my neighbors outside to witness this humiliating ritual? Is someone here to arrest me for violating some obscure registration rule I wasn’t aware of? Uncertainty has become the definition of my life. Will this customer find out about my status? Will my child withstand the bullying? Will some new law be passed that will make my work, living, or family situation more impossible than it is now? I’ve had to ’scramble’ to find to find a job or a place to live multiple times.

When I look at the community around me scrambling in a state of panic and uncertainty, the one comfort everybody seems to have is that one day the Coronavirus will be contained. The world’s resources are working on finding a vaccine and whether it’s a week, month or year, this will pass and life will one day return to normal. I want to think the same about our lives. I genuinely believe the same will be true of the registry. I can’t predict whether it’s going to be weeks, months or years, but I do believe that at some point, a court will deliver a panacea to our population that will end the panic and uncertainty that currently plagues our population.

Still, as we go through it, there’s plenty of panic and uncertainty going around, and that especially covers our registration obligations at the present time. In certain counties, registration offices in courthouses or jails are closed. For that reason, we will be posting a static post on the top of our website, www.floridaactioncommittee.org, where we will share county-by-county advisories as to what procedures each county is taking to accommodate registration during this period. Please do not use that post to add comments and questions, they will not be published. ONLY use the post to add your own County’s procedures for complying with the registration obligations in light of any office closures.

As more information comes out, we will continue to bring it to you through more frequent updates if necessary, or via our website. For our board and volunteers, it is business as usual. We will remain online to answer questions from our members and hopefully alleviate any panic and resolve any uncertainty that arises. Please look after your health, apply best practices when it comes to avoiding exposure to the virus, monitor the CDC and your local news to know which services and businesses will remain open and naturally continue to monitor our site for news relevant to our population and share information that will be relevant to others.

Best in Health and Safety!

The Florida Action Committee


Dr. Caren Neile will also conduct a 4-hour workshop in Apopka on Saturday March 28th and Delray Beach on Saturday April 25th. The workshops will prepare those who wish to have their stories videoed and shared in various public platforms.  To attend one of the workshops, RSVP to [email protected] or text name and phone number to 904-452-8322.


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