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Florida Action Committee (FAC) intends to inform the media, public, and legislators with facts versus myths about the sex offender registry and citizens forced to register. Registry schemes are proven to be harmful to society and unconstitutional. Therefore, FAC works to abolish the registry in Florida.

With Unity Comes Change!


The purpose of Florida Action Committee is to inform the media, our legislators, and the public with the facts surrounding issues that require persons to register as Sex Offenders.  Our goal is for every citizen of Florida to enjoy a safer environment, particularly our children.

Today people have access to a world of information through the media, internet, and newspapers. Oftentimes, information becomes distorted and it becomes difficult to distinguish sensationalism from fact.

Our current policies for sex offender management are failing. We need to fix our broken system to create a safer Florida.

We must realize the fiscal impact this failing system has created, the unintended consequences and immoral burden over 70,000 citizens in Florida are subjected to daily, and the many harmful civil and human rights violations.

We encourage our Legislators to consider how important it is for us to step out of the box, take a broader view of these issues, and create more reasonable and more fiscally responsible legislation which we can all benefit from for a long time to come.

Although the Government’s intent was well-meaning, there is enough research and historical evidence to evaluate and recognize that now is the time for redirection. The collateral damage is evident and unbelievably sad. It is not too late to make changes for Florida and our Nation.

Today more than ever, citizens of Florida need to take a stand. Florida needs courageous leaders to write and support legislation that is truly for the best interest of the people and the future of our State.

Florida Action Committee (FAC) is seeking representatives in each County of the State. Anyone interested in joining and working with FAC to make a difference in Florida, please Contact Us.


FAC does not in any way condone sexual activity between adults and children, nor does it condone any sexual activity that would break laws in any state. We do not advocate lowering the age of consent, and we have no affiliation with any group that does condone such activities.

Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2024

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